Para convertirte en un Guide Tour necesitas estos requisitos:

  • Tener 45 dias ( minimo ) en Club Penguin
  • Ir al Sy Village y darle Click Al puesto que dice “Tours”
  • Ya que estes ahi picarle en el link de abajo y contestar las siguientes preguntas..e aqui las Respuestas:

1.)Which room has a cuckoo clock?
A:Ski Lodge

2.)Which of these rooms doesn’t have music playing in the background?
A:Pet Shop

3.)What’s the name of the big fish in Ice Fishing?

4.)In what room can you find old copies of the Penguin Times?
A:Boiler Room

5.)Which puffle can catch on fire?

6.)How does the pink puffle play?
A:Skips with a skipping rope

7.)Which of these rooms does NOT have a game in it?
A:The Beach

8.)How do you get a pin?
A:Walk on top of it

9.)What’s the name of Captain Rockhopper’s ship?
A:The Migrator

10.)What item is always hidden in a different place in the clothing catalog every month?
A:The Viking Helmet

11.)How much does it cost to buy a player card background?

12.)How many sled racing track are there?

13.)What item is thrown out of the truck in level 4 of Bean Counters?
A:A flower Pot

14.)Which of these games has a shark in it?
A: Ice Fishing

15.)What day does the newspaper come out?

Y cuando Terminen Reinicien y Tendran el Sombrero De Guide Tour que tiene un signo de Interrogacion

Espero les sea de Gran ayuda